Understanding & Managing Aggressive Behaviour (U.M.A.B.) Two-Day Blended Training


12/13/2023 - 12/14/2023    
9:30 am - 4:30 pm


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Toronto Hostels Training Centre (THTC)
65 Wellesley Street East, Suite 501, Toronto, Ontario, M4Y 1G7

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Day 1 – Wednesday December 13, 2023: Live Online (via Zoom)

Day 2 – Thursday December 14, 2023: Live In Person (at THTC)

*Training time will be 9:30AM – 4:30PM both days. Participants will receive a Zoom link 1-2 business days prior to Day 1 of training. Participants are expected to attend Day 2 in-person at Toronto Hostels Training Centre.

Facilitator: Hy’N’Hancement

Participants will learn to understand and manage aggressive and violent behaviour through verbal and physical Behaviour Management Intervention strategies within the prescribed limits of legislation, mandated service and philosophy.

This program is considered to be essential to the service industry when dealing with aggressive and or violent clients. It introduces the participants to the concept of self-protection, disengaging skills and the principles of the use of physical intervention in a continuum in various direct care service settings. This program is structured to incorporate both a theoretical as well as an experiential learning process for participants. An understanding of the Legislative policies and procedures regarding the use of Behaviour Management Intervention Strategies is required for frontline workers to effectively manage client behaviour.

This program includes learning outcomes in both vocational and generic skill areas. These are consistent with Provincial Standards for frontline service. Generic skills inherent to the program are reflected in verbal communications, physical self-protection and intervention, and the development of analytical skills, including critical thinking, within high-impact environments and crisis situations.

Participant Learning Objectives:

  • Learning outcomes identify the knowledge, skills and attitude that a participant will have acquired through reliable demonstration as a result of the learning experiences and evaluations provided during this program.


    • Identifying client behavioural changes
    • Employing situational-appropriate behaviour management
    • When to request assistance from either peers or supervisors
    • An understanding of legislated policies and procedures regarding the use of intrusive measures when dealing with aggressive clients.
    • The Pre-Crisis, Crisis and Post-Crisis Phases of Behavioural
    • The various Theories of Aggression and Precipitating Factors, including biological/physiological, psychological, socio/cultural and environmental


    • As a result of the successful completion of the experience provided in this program, participants will have demonstrated further development in their skills.
    • Identify and deal effectively and appropriately with clients who are experiencing a

    “Continuum of Behaviour”.

    • Intervene, assess, diffuse and control a crisis situation through the use of approved and appropriate behaviour management strategies.
    • Demonstrate the self-protection techniques, disengaging principles and parallel physical intervention responses, key contact points utilized in this program.



    • Being positive and open-minded in their interactions with others, being respectful of the legislated policies and procedures with regards to the use of behavioural management

    interventions in a continuum and maintaining the highest level of the client’s dignity and safety within the various environments.

  • To participate in this training all participants must read and sign a waiver.  Please see THTC policies and procedures for details.
  • You must be prompt for the course – any time missed will result in certificate not being issued.
  • This training is interactive, all attendees are required to participate.
  • Please wear comfortable clothing and running shoes.
  • Participants will receive a training manual and certificate valid for one (1) year.

Target Group: All

Additional Training Method: Agency Training

Total Cost: THTC Members Pay: $200.00 | Non-Members Pay: $210.00



This program is fully booked - THTC does not maintain a waitlist.