New! Defusing Hostility One-Day Training (Live Online)


9:00 am - 4:00 pm

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Instructor:   Steve Hall c/o Steve Hall Safety Consultants

A staffs’ perception of a clients behaviour can be realigned from seeing people and situations only as a hostile and aggressive person to someone who might be threatened, defensive, frightened and feeling vulnerable. Staff can then learn to re-interpret behavior more accurately and intervene more effectively. Personal awareness, sound preparation and scripts (team communication strategies) for leaving an unsafe situation and team intervention or deployment are areas of focus and discussion in this workshop and emphasizes this practice as a means of safer and more compassionate crisis response by adopting person-centered, strengths-based thinking and language

In this training we explore:

  • Personal awareness – What staff bring to work and how they respond
  • Trauma Informed Care – Awareness and applications
  • Interpersonal awareness –Engaging people in crisis
  • Team Principles, Mobilization, Deployment and Response – Roles, Codes and Scripts
  • Post Crisis Strategies for all, including workers and clients

This interactive, one-day training will provide participants with the knowledge, self-awareness, and skills to verbally defuse hostility and aggression, work more effectively as a team, and manage the stress often experienced through such encounters. This workshop will help participants to: understand the dynamics of anger and hostility; manage and defuse your own emotional responses through self-exploration of early learning about anger and hostility and personal value conflicts; effective verbal/non-verbal skills for de-escalating anger, hostility and resistance; a holistic approach to utilizing the “individual in crisis” to guide the intervention and de-escalation process; and understand the impact, causes and symptoms of compassion fatigue and traumatic stress. A focus on trauma informed care will be incorporated into the techniques and interventions discussed in this training.

Participants will be asked to complete a short confidential and anonymous survey prior to joining the training, which will assist the instructor to guide the training based on participant skill level and personal learning objectives.

Learning Objectives:

  • To explore the dynamics of anger and hostility.
  • To increase the self-awareness and interpersonal awareness of anger and crisis with participants.
  • To develop effective verbal and non-verbal approaches for responding to anger, hostility and resistance.
  • To identify and explore challenging crisis situations of participants and to provide actual simulation opportunities for intervention.


  • We ask that you please be prompt and present for the course – participation in the full two days is required for certification.
  • Considerable time missed could result in certificates not being issued.
  • Please wear comfortable clothing and running shoes.
Target Group: All

Additional Training Method: Agency Training