From Frontline to Supervisor / Manager (Live Online)


9:00 am - 4:00 pm


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Congratulations!  You are a supervisor / manager!  Now what? How will you interact and deal with your former peers?  Where should your focus be?  How can you continue your success? How do you use supervision supportively as a performance management tool?   Your co-workers, fellow team members, and in many cases, your friends were the people you joked with, took breaks with and looked out for. The co-workers who used to be your peers are now the employees who report to you and there are now deliverables attached to their performance that you must manage. Even if they were happy that you got promoted when you accepted the job, you’re no longer in the “us” crowd.  How do you manage the feelings related to that and your own motivation for the new work involved?   This course will assist newly hired supervisors/managers from within the organization to assume their new management role in a prepared and confident way.

  • You must be prompt for the course – any time missed will result in certificate not being issued.
  • This training is interactive, all attendees are required to participate.
  • Upon successful completion, a certificate of attendance will be issued.

Target Group: Managers and Supervisors

Additional Training Method: Agency Training

Total Cost: THTC Members Pay: $80.00 | Non-Members Pay: $90.00

Topics Explored:

  • Handling friendships and the necessary changes.
  • Boundaries as a supervisor/manager with former peers.
  • Setting clear expectations.
  • Enhancing relationship skills.
  • Obtaining collaboration.

Participant Learning Objectives:

  • Develop effective boundaries with former peers.
  • Enhance relationship skills.
  • Learn assertive communication and delegation skills.
  • Learn how to conduct supportive and intentional supervision meetings
  • Strengthen existing and new connections with the management role


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