Live-on-Line IPAC + Communicable Diseases


9:00 am - 4:00 pm


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 Instructor – Diane Sanborn RPN/HCDE

Diane is a registered Nurse with good standing in College of Nurses of Ontario and has been working in the health care profession since 1977.   Diane has worked in a variety of settings including the San Francisco Medical Centre between 1977-1981 but has worked primarily in community health settings since 1997.  While working In Canada, Diane was part of the Community Occupational Therapists and Associates (COTA) in their Mental Health Community Nursing program, prior to their amalgamation with VHA.  Diane has worked as a vising Nurse with St. Elizabeth HealthCare in Wound Care, Foot Care and delivering Influenza Vaccine Clinics. Also, in ‘Out of the Cold’ FootCare services in various churches, Mosques and synagogues throughout GTA. Diane is a Certified Health and Diabetes Educator since 2010 from the Michener’s Institute.  Between 2017 to present day, Diane works as a consultant on IPAC and Medication Management at WoodGreen Community Services in their Assisted Living Services, Adult Day programs and in community at large. Training front line staff (PSWs and Social Workers) on how to stay safe from infectious disease in the community and places where they work.

This IPAC (Infection Prevention and Control) + Communicable Diseases Training will discuss standard Covid-19 protocols and will provide participants with a firm understanding of practices, protocols and expert-guided instruction on how to properly guard yourself against transmission of parasitic, viral and bacterial infection and illness.  This training will cover how to properly recognize risk settings and equipment that can support the continuity of care.

Learning Outcomes

  1. How are certain certain disease-causing organisms (Parasitic, Viral and Bacterial) transmitted in the community or within hospital settings. What is meant by “Contact, Droplet, Airborne, Bloodborne, Fecal” modes of transmission?
  2. How do we protect ourselves and our clients from these disease-causing organisms?
  3. What PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) is needed in certain situations and when is good Hand Hygiene enough?
  4. Throughout the current Pandemic, how has this virus (COVID-19) changed and changed our human behaviors? How do we remain safe from this changing virus? Who is still at risk of poorer outcomes?
  5. What help and what we should look for from good evidence-based science, in order to keep us healthy in the possible risk settings we work in.

  • You must be prompt for the course – any time missed will result in certificate not being issued.
  • This training is interactive, all attendees are required to participate.
  • Upon successful completion, a certificate of attendance will be issued.

Target Group: All

Additional Training Method: Agency Training

Total Cost: THTC Members Pay: $80.00 | Non-Members Pay: $90.00


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