Introduction to Supervision (Live Online)


9:00 am - 4:00 pm


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Toronto Hostels Training Centre (THTC)
65 Wellesley Street East, Suite 501, Toronto, Ontario, M4Y 1G7

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This one-day course will review some of the fundamental knowledge and techniques new supervisors need in order to be effective in their role. This course is designed for those who have recently entered the supervisory role in a predominantly Social/Human Services role and are looking for tools and techniques they can use when they encounter common supervisory scenarios including:

  • Review of essential themes in Human Services
  • Can a supervisor be friends with their direct reports?
  • What type of boundaries should a supervisor have?
  • Delivering positive and negative feedback
  • Disagreeing with your manager
  • Dealing with complaints
  • Leadership style – Ask don’t tell
  • 1-1 meetings with your direct report
  • Team meetings
  • Progressive discipline

Learning Objectives:

  • To review some standard situations supervisors will encounter in their role and discuss potential solutions to each of these situations
  • To explore various supervisory responses to situations and determine the pros and cons of each
  • To discuss common challenges encountered in the supervisory role and share personal successes and failures employing various responses
  • To brainstorm in small groups potential supervisory responses to crisis situations that could occur in human services settings

Management Objectives:

  • Increased psychological safety among teams
  • Increase in positive work culture
  • Cohesion between between management and program staff
  • Improved work outputs amongst staff
  • Improved service delivery

TARGET GROUP: Executive Directors, Managers & Supervision


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