Conflict Resolution (Live Online)


9:30 am - 4:30 pm


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Instructor: Stephen Lister

Participants will gain knowledge in the following areas:

  • The working definition of Conflict.
  • Acknowledging that dealing with conflict, rather than avoiding it, is crucial and can provide an opportunity for growth.
  • Understanding how mismanaging conflict can harm relationships.
  • Identifying the different types of conflict.
  • Recognizing the 10 biggest mistakes people make during conflicts.
  • Distinguishing between wearing a Perfection Hat and a Discovery Hat in conflict situations.
  • Utilizing the Conflict Escalation Model to prevent a larger crisis.
  • Understanding how filters developed early in life can either help or hinder personal and professional lives.
  • Recognizing and working with different conflict management styles.
  • Using conflict as a means to strengthen bonds in relationships.

Participants will acquire the following skills:

  • Discerning the various levels of conflict and developing strategies for active listening to ensure a win-win outcome.
  • Examining the language used with oneself and others, recognizing the significance of attitude in addressing conflicts.
  • Identifying personal needs and the needs of others, with the assurance that everyone can benefit from applying Conflict Resolution Skills.
  • Assessing the most effective ways to reframe energy when under attack, emphasizing assertiveness over aggressiveness.
  • Asking themselves 5 key questions to manage their emotions and bring peace to the situation.
  • Differentiating between “I Statements” and “You Statements” and evaluating the effectiveness of each or both.
  • Practicing how to work with individuals exhibiting aggressive, passive, and passive-aggressive behavior.
  • Engaging in difficult conversations with challenging individuals.
  • Recognizing when to confront, when to disengage, and how to handle conflict within a state of flow.
  • Reflecting on key life values and understanding how they align with the person or group in conflict.
  • Employing de-escalation techniques when conflict erupts.
  • Understanding the benefits of sharing power rather than seeking power over others.

Target Group: All

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