Live Online – Immigration Policy Changes, Refugee Protection System and Human Trafficking


10:30 am - 3:30 pm


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This two-part session combines two two-hour workshops offered through FCJ Refugee Centre. During the Immigration Policy Changes section, the facilitator will review the impact of Covid-19 on immigration programs, procedures and policy changes made by immigration and how they are affecting immigrants and refugees. Including updates for 2021. The facilitator will also explore the alternatives and current resources for vulnerable individuals: human trafficked persons, homeless population, non-status and precarious migrants. The Human Trafficking section will provide a general overview of human trafficking issues in Canada while focusing in greater detail on victim/survivor support and resources through a lens of coordinated community response. The presentation will provide access to crucial training materials and educational resources about trafficking. It will also assist participants with identifying and providing better service to women who have been trafficked with respect to accessing education on important legislative, policy and legal issues that affect refugee claimants.


Learning Objectives:

  • Summary of Immigration Policy Changes implemented.
  • Changes to the refugee determination system.
  • Timelines on the Refugee Determination Process.Root causes and awareness of trafficking: trafficking in Canada.
  • Understanding and identifying a trafficked person.
  • Services and settlement process for a trafficked person.


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