Anti-Black Racism Training (Live In Person)


9:30 am - 4:30 pm


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Toronto Hostels Training Centre (THTC)
65 Wellesley Street East, Suite 501, Toronto, Ontario, M4Y 1G7

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Facilitator: Vania Patrick-Drakes

Far from being mild, infrequent, or inconsequential, anti-Black racism is woven into
policies and practices across many sectors in Ontario, with deleterious impacts on
Black Ontarians’ lived experiences and outcomes.
Using introspective exercises, group activities, discussions and case studies, this ABR
training session takes a deep dive into the history and modern-day prevalence and
impacts of anti-Black racism within Ontario. This session also supports participants in
understanding ways to actively fight anti-Black racism within their personal and
professional spaces.

Learning Objectives:

By the end of this session, participants should have:
1. An in-depth understanding of the construct of anti-Black racism, including its
historical context
2. An awareness of the pervasiveness of anti-Black racism across systems and
sectors in Ontario, including within education, health, criminal justice, housing
and child welfare
3. An awareness of the impact of anti-Black racism on Black people’s lived
experiences and outcomes
4. An awareness of the rich, diverse nature of Black communities across Ontario,
and how intersecting identities can further compound the impacts of anti-Black
5. A toolbox with practical, sensible strategies to incorporate self-awareness and
anti-racist practices in both professional and personal spaces





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