TSS Shelter Requirements for City of Toronto Shelter Staff

The Toronto Hostels Training Centre is pleased to offer 36 of the mandatory training sessions.
These equivalent sessions has been developed to assist Shelter Staff funded by the City of Toronto to meet the TSS mandatory training requirement deadline of June 31, 2017.

Please view the Training Centre’s Equivalent Sessions for the Toronto Shelter Standards Training Requirements.

How to proceed:

Agency Trainings/ In-Service requests, please submit your request(s) directly to ruth@thtcentre.com

To register for any of the sessions, please submit your request(s) directly to inquiries@thtcentre.com; or submit the online registration form

To set-up a room rental, please submit your request(s) directly to leticia@thtcentre.com

Online trainings, please submit your request(s) directly to elearning@thtcentre.com