THTC Terms & Conditions


Please note: by registering and making your payment for any of our training sessions, you acknowledge and confirm that the individual(s) registered for training have read and understood the Training Centre Policies and Guidelines, including the following:

The Training Centre requires a minimum of seven (7) business days (not including weekends or statutory holidays or the day of the training/workshop) written cancellation (please email notice prior to the workshop date. Failure to do so will result in a charge to the relevant agency or participant of the full cost of the workshop attendance. You also understand and agree that instructors need to start workshops on time. As such, late arrival will result in the participant not being entitled to receiving a certificate and/or being refused admittance to the training session.

  • Participants are given 30 minutes leeway re. arrival or departure time for all training sessions.
  • For certificate training (ASIST, Crisis Prevention training, Standard First Aid & CPR, WHMIS), participants that do not arrive within the allotted thirty (30) minutes, will not be permitted to attend the training.
  • For non-certificate workshops, participants that do not arrive within the allotted thirty (30) minutes (sharp), will be permitted to attend the training up to 60 minutes, however, they will not be issued a certificate of attendance after thirty (30) minutes (sharp).
  • After sixty (60) minutes (sharp), participants will not be permitted to attend non-certificate courses. Depending upon the workshop topic, participants may be refused admittance to non-certificate courses after thirty (30) minutes (sharp).

EFFECTIVE MAY 1, 2017 – Due to the increased number of registrations being cancelled shortly after registration requests are received by THTC.  Cancelling classroom workshop and/or eLearning course registration in under seven (7) business days’ from the date of the date registered, will result in an administration charge of $40.

These times are non-negotiable.

This also includes returning late from breaks, lunch, and/or continually exiting/entering the workshop while the session is taking place.

The Toronto Hostels Training Centre encourages the exchange of information and ideas within a relaxed and respectful environment. Accordingly, all individuals accessing the Training Centre, including program participants, guest facilitators, students and volunteers shall behave in a professional and responsible manner. Failure to do so may result in the individual(s) being asked to leave the premises. All personnel, Board of Directors, staff, guest facilitators, workshop participants and volunteers shall adhere to the letter and spirit of the Human Rights Code of Ontario, the Training Centre Anti-Racism and Anti-Oppression and Workplace Violence and Harassment Policies.

At the end of every month, the participant’s certificate of attendance will be emailed to the registering person only (i.e. agency or individual).

Upon successful completion, the following certificates are given to the participant at the end of the session: ASIST, Standard First Aid & CPR and Recertification, CRM, Defusing Hostility, UMAB, Non-Violent Crisis Intervention (CPI)  and WHMIS.

Please note, in order to participate in the following sessions – CPI, Standard First Aid & CPR, UMAB, CRM and First Responder, the participant(s) will be asked to sign a Waiver.

THTC encourages a fragrance free environment. Please be aware that the Centre’s training rooms are small and many of the participant’s attending training have allergies to scents. Please also be mindful as certain foods can elicit severe allergies in some individuals i.e. peanuts.


THTC’s Websites Terms & Conditions of Use
This policy states the Terms and Conditions under which you may use the Toronto Hostels Training Centre’s (THTC) Websites. Please read this policy carefully. If you do not accept the Terms and Conditions stated here, do not use the Websites. THTC may revise these Terms and Conditions at any time without notification and at its sole discretion by updating this posting. You should read this policy periodically to review the Terms and Conditions, as they may be amended from time to time.

Use of THTC’s Websites
The materials, collateral and information detailed on the THTC Websites are protected by Canadian copyright laws. You shall only be entitled to view and make a copy of the information for your own personal and/or non–commercial use provided that you do not delete, obstruct or change any copyright, trademark or other proprietary notices and provide full ownership credit to THTC. You may not sell or modify the information or republish, reproduce, display, publicly perform, distribute or otherwise use any substantial part of the information in any manner whatsoever, including electronically reproducing by uploading, downloading or accessing the information on the Internet or any local or international computer system, without the prior written permission of THTC or the appropriate copyright holder. If and when THTC provides permission to use any content from THTC’s Websites, an acknowledgement of the source must be included whenever THTC material and information obtained from THTC’s on- and offline properties is copied or published. Any infringement of THTC’s right will be considered for appropriate legal action. THTC disclaims any and all liability for any consequences that may result from any unauthorized reproduction or use of THTC’s Websites information whatsoever.

THTC’s Websites Accuracy
Although every attempt has been made to ensure its accuracy, THTC does not make any warranties or representations, express or implied, concerning the accuracy, reliability or completeness of the information and materials contained in THTC’s Websites.
THTC services are subject to continuous review and are subject to change without notice. The Websites may include incomplete information, inaccuracies or typographical errors. THTC and any other persons involved in the management of the Websites may make changes in the information and content included in the Websites at any time without notice. THTC and its subsidiaries and its affiliates shall not be responsible for any detrimental reliance you may place on the Websites or their contents. Use of THTC’s Websites are on and “as is” basis and is entirely at your own risk.

In the event of a discrepancy between the information contained on THTC’s Websites and the information contained in the records of THTC, the information in the records of THTC shall be deemed to be accurate.

Links to Third Party Sites
THTC’s Websites contain links to other websites that are created and operated by independent bodies and are therefore, not under the control of THTC. These website links are provided as a referencing service and do not imply the investigation or verification of the linked websites by THTC. THTC is not responsible, and makes no express or implied representations or warranties concerning the products, services and information found on the linked websites. THTC encourages the user to verify the third party website policies, terms and conditions.

Exclusion of Liability
In connection with your viewing and use of THTC’s Websites, THTC shall not be liable for any damages, harm, liability, loss, cost, expense, or injury suffered in any connection with the Websites whatsoever including without limitation, as a result of viewing, using, accessing, copying, downloading or storing any part of the material or information. In no event shall THTC be liable for any direct, indirect, special, incidental, third-party, or consequential damages (including loss of business, revenue, profits, use, data or other economic advantage) however same may arise, whether for breach of contract, in tort, negligence, equity, or otherwise, even if THTC has been previously advised of the possibility of such damage.

As a user of the THTC’s Websites, you agree and acknowledge to have sole responsibility for the adequate protection and backup of data and/or equipment used in connection with the websites and will not make a claim against THTC for lost data, re-run time, data corruption, communication interception, inaccurate output, work delays or loss profits resulting from any use of the websites and you agree not to apply for or seek any equitable relief, or any punitive or exemplary damages whatsoever.

Applicable Law
By entering THTC’s Websites you acknowledge and agree that THTC’s Websites will be construed and evaluated according to the laws of the Province of Ontario, Canada. You hereby agree and confirm that your use of THTC’s Websites and all of the communications, transmissions and transactions associated with THTC’s Websites shall have occurred in the Province on Ontario, Canada and that you submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the Province on Ontario as the proper and most convenient forum concerning THTC’s Websites. If you use THTC’s Websites from another jurisdiction, you are responsible for compliance with any and all applicable local laws. THTC makes no representation that the materials contained within THTC’s Websites are appropriate for customers outside of the province of Ontario, Canada.


All confirmed PayPal training refund requests will be issued within a thirty (30) day period from the date of request.

All confirmed PayPal training refund requests exceeding a sixty (60) day period from the date of purchase, will be issued by cheque.

THTC will not be held financially responsible and will not provide refunds for over payment ie. member/affiliate rate vs. non-member/non-affiliate rate. It is the responsibility of the registrant to be aware of any fee discounts to which they may be entitled, based on the course taken or on their agency’s affiliations.

As a reminder, THTC does not back date membership or affiliate rates.

PLEASE NOTE: Visa, Mastercard and Interac accepted for e-learning and on-line registrations only. THTC will not be held financially responsible for payments made via other methods.

Policy Document Modified with permission of Toronto Transit Commission

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