Certificate Guidelines


Standard First Aid and CPR/Emergency First Aid and CPR

  • First Aid and CPR certifications are extended to December 31, 2020.
  • For in-service agency specific training, please contact ADET Inc.  info@adet.org
  • For individual classroom/blended learning options, please contact St. John Ambulance  www.sja.ca
  • For individual classroom/blended learning options, please contact The Red Cross www.redcross.ca

Non-Violent Crisis Intervention (CPI) – Blended Learning

  • Successful completion of the self-paced portion is required prior to attending the Day 2 Live Online session. This training provides verbal intervention certificate of completion and focuses on verbal and non-touch strategies to address physical risk behaviours. Due to Covid-19 physical distancing restrictions, the CPI Disengagement Skills (formerly Personal Safety Techniques) are not being offered at this time.

Understanding and Managing Aggressive Behaviour (UMAB)

  • Due to physical distancing requirements, only a one-day verbal de-escalation portion of this training is currently being delivered.

Mental Health First Aid

  • The Mental Health Commission of Canada has developed a free crisis response training course for the public.
  • “The Crisis Response Virtual Training – Caring for Others – will focus on how to create a safe space to have conversations about mental health and/or substance use problems. This training will prepare participants to have conversations confidently about mental health during a crisis, with their family, friends, communities, and workplaces. Participants will also be taught the skills required to respond to a mental health crisis until professional help arrives.
  • Please note this course should not serve as substitutes for Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) as it has been developed specifically for the COVID-19 pandemic. We encourage all participants to complete MHFA training once in-person courses resume.”
  • For more information please contact the Mental Health Commission of Canada www.mhfa.ca

ASIST Two Day Training

  • Currently offering Two-Day Live Online Suicide Prevention Workshop.


The following training & workshop certificates are valid for the following duration….

Certificate Guidelines