NOTE: You must be prompt and present for the course – participation in the full two days is required. Any time missed will result in certificates not being issued.

This workshop is designed for Supervisors in the Respite Program who may have little or no experience supervising staff. It is expected that attendees are already familiar with the Toronto Shelter Standards and in particular have reviewed the Standards of Service Delivery prior to the workshop. Participants will need to agree to a confidentiality contract in regards to client and organizational examples discussed in this workshop.


Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the essential roles and responsibilities of being a supervisor and basic leadership skills.
  • Review the theory and purpose of supervision;
  • Consider the dynamics of power inherent in the role and review issues related to being hired from within or from outside;
  • Understand the ethics of being a supervisor;
  • Review the research informed Shulman Model of Supervision and use of Supervision Contracts;
  • Know how to use supervision contracts to hold staff accountable and ensure that all job actions are documented;
  • Understand issues of power and authority, management versus managerialism and basics of disciplinary action;
  • Look at the need for self-care and the supervision of supervisors