eLearning FAQs

What workshops are available online?

The Training Centre offers the following eLearning workshops:

  • Toronto Shelter Standards
  • Ethical Boundaries
  • Harm Reduction
  • Customer Service
  • Communicable Diseases
  • Board Governance

Please visit THTC’s eLearning webpage for complete details.

Will there be more eLearning workshop(s)?

We are hoping to develop more eLearning courses in the future.

What is the price of each eLearning course?

Prices are posted on the e-store site at store.thtcentre.com.

Once I register how long do I have to wait to get access to the e-learning workshop(s)?

Participants are given access to eLearning workshops immediately after registration and payment.

All purchases through invoice are THTC staff approved and as a result there will be a delay in accessing eLearning courses.

Once the request has been approved by THTC staff, registrants will then receive an email confirming course access.

I am a THTC member but I have not received a discount.

The status of the agency/ individual at the time of registration is what is considered regarding THTC/ Non-THTC rate workshop payment.

For example, if the agency/individual becomes a THTC member after the registration date the agency/individual will not be reimbursed the difference between the Non-THTC and THTC rate.

The agency/individual pays the workshop rate equal to their status at the time of registration.

For more information, please see the Membership section of the website.

Bylaw No. 1 under CNCA, effective May 13, 2013

How do I apply for a refund?

Participants registering for e-learning are eligible for a full refund provided they cancel their training within 7 business days of registration and have not accessed the online course.

Due to the increased number of registrations being cancelled shortly after the registration requests are received by THTC, cancelling eLearning course registration in under 7 business days  from the date of the date registered, will result in an administration charge of $40.  Beginning September 1, 2019, THTC will be charging $10 on all refund requests for payments made on-line through PayPal or using the Centre’s in person debit machine.

The $10 administration charge will be deducted from the amount being refunded.

Are discounts available?

From time to time the training centre will offer per person discounts that are for the exclusive use of the specified recipient.

Can I be invoiced?

Payment by invoice is only available to selected THTC member agencies.

Individuals are not eligible for payment via invoice.

All purchases through invoice are THTC staff approved and as a result there will be a delay in accessing eLearning courses. Once the request has been approved by THTC staff, registrants will then receive an email confirming course access.

How much time will I have to complete the workshop(s)?

Each course could take 6 hours or more to complete. Participants are encouraged to plan their schedule accordingly.

Is it necessary to finish the course in one sitting?

No. The courses are designed so that you can complete them one module at a time and take breaks between them. You can even complete part of a module and return to it at your convenience. The course will remember where you left off. Once you complete a quiz, the module will be marked complete in the LMS.

It is recommended that you take breaks but keep in mind that you have thirty (30) days to complete the course.

How many modules are there in each workshop?

 Each course is different but there are between 4-7 modules in a course.

How many quiz questions are there in each workshop?

Each course has 4-7 modules and each module has 5-10 quiz questions, so there could be anywhere from 20 – 70 questions in a course.

Participants will have an unlimited number of tries to achieve a passing quiz mark.

What is the format of the quiz questions?

Quiz questions are either Multiple/Choice, True/False, or Drag and Drop format.

When will I get my certificate of participation?

As soon as you complete your eLearning course you will receive a certificate by email in pdf format.

Will I be able to save a copy of my certificate?

Yes, you will receive a certificate in PDF format once you have completed the course which you can save to your PCor print.

I am unable to complete my course before the course deadline. What do I do?

In order to request a course extension, you must contact THTC within at least seven (7) business days before the 30 day course completion deadline.

Please note, holidays and weekends are not included within the seven (7) business day deadline.

Once the course deadline has been reached, the course cannot be extended as participants are automatically unenrolled from their course and will no longer have access to workshop materials.

How do I report my completion of training?

Your completion details will be tracked on the Learning Management System.

I have not completed my course but was automatically unenrolled.

Participants will be automatically unenrolled from their eLearning workshop(s) once the completion deadline has been reached.

Participants will no longer have access to workshop materials after the completion deadline.

It is the participant’s responsibility to track their course completion deadlines.

The Toronto Hostels Training Centre is not responsible for managing participant’s course completion deadlines.

To reinstate one’s course, participants must return to the e-store and purchase their course again following the course registration steps.

How do I reinstate my course(s)?

The process to reinstate is the same as registering for a new eLearning course.

Participants must return to the e-store and purchase their course again following the course registration steps. In this case, participants no longer have access to their prior course materials as they have been automatically un-enrolled.

The course has not been completed within the 30-day deadline.

Will eLearning courses count toward a THTC certificate ?

Yes, they will. If you are working toward a THTC certificate, email elearning@thtcentre.com to confirm the completion of your course.

Please visit the Certificates section of the website.

Are additional materials required to complete the workshop?

No, all of the necessary training materials are provided within the eLearning course.

There are some additional resources provided as weblinks.

What format are the courses? HTML or Video?

As the workshops are fully self-paced, the courses are designed in html/text format for reading and, in most cases, are accompanied by video files.

What are the browser requirements?

  • Google Chrome — 30.0 OR Latest
  • Mozilla Firefox — 25.0 OR Latest
  • Apple Safari — 6 OR Latest
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer — 9 OR Latest

Terms and Conditions

 Please visit THTC’s page for detailed information regarding all Terms and Conditions.

Policies and Procedures

Please visit THTC’s page for detailed information regarding all Polices and Procedures.