NOTE: You must be prompt and present for the course – participation in the full two days is required. Any time missed will result in certificates not being issued.

Staff and supervisors are increasingly intervening with people who are angry, hostile, aggressive and violent. This intensive two-day training program will provide you with the knowledge, self-awareness, and skills to verbally defuse hostility and aggression, work more effectively as a team, and manage the stress often experienced through such encounters. This workshop will help you to: understand the dynamics of anger and hostility; manage and defuse yourself through a journey of self-exploration of early learning about anger and hostility and personal value conflicts; effective verbal/non-verbal skills for de-escalating anger, hostility and resistance; a holistic approach to utilizing the “individual in crisis” to guide the intervention and de-escalation process; and understand the impact, causes and symptoms of compassion fatigue and traumatic stress. A certificate of participation will be issued upon successful completion of the two-day course.


Learning Objectives:

  • To explore the dynamics of anger and hostility.
  • To increase the self-awareness and interpersonal awareness of anger and crisis with participants.
  • To develop effective verbal and non-verbal approaches for responding to anger, hostility and resistance.
  • To identify and explore challenging crisis situations of participants and to provide actual simulation opportunities for intervention.


FACILITATOR LAVAL MARTIN, BSW, MSW, RSW, has worked in the social service sector since 2006. He provides training on a variety of topics through Laval Martin Consulting Inc. He also has a small private psychotherapy practice Wise Mind where he delivers Dialectical Behaviour Therapy and other therapeutic modalities. In the past, he has worked with people experiencing poverty and homelessness, developmental disabilities and other mental health challenges. He has developed and delivered workshops on topics from crisis intervention and conflict resolution to documentation practices and time management. Laval has practiced various martial arts and self-defense systems since 2001, with a focus on avoiding and de-escalating conflict. He is a full-instructor of Senshido. He has also experienced (and recovered from) burnout!