Agency Membership Fee


The membership period runs from January 1 to December 31.

  1. Agency Membership status will not take effect until full payment has been received and confirmed.
  2. THTC’s membership is tied to the name of the agency and the specified program indicated on the membership form.
  3. If the agency has more than one program with more than 30 staff, an additional membership will need to be purchased in order for those program staff to receive the THTC member rate.
  4. Agency Membership fees must be received before the time of the workshop registration in order for the reduced training rate to be applied.
  5. In order to receive the membership rate, the name of the agency and the specified program detailed on the membership form must be noted within the registration request.
  6. Agency Membership fees/ reduced training rates will not be back dated towards previous un-paid and/ or paid workshops.
  7. If registration requests do not include the full agency name and program name, the non-member rate will be applied.
  8. As per THTC policies, overpayments and double payments etc. will not be refunded.
  9. THTC does not refund membership fees.

For an agency membership payment of $150, agencies will receive:

  • a reduced training rate of $10.00 per person per workshop
  • electronic updates/flyers regarding added and cancelled workshops throughout the year

TRAINING SCHEDULE: Please refer to the Training Schedule for specific dates, time and cost – including location and registration options.  Please contact the Registration Administrator at with any queries.

REGISTRATION REQUEST(s): When your membership has been paid, your can then submit your registration requests.

Please fill out the form below and continue to make your payment.

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