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Online Membership Help Page

 Are you submitting an on-line membership request for the first time?
The following will explain what to do and what to expect! 



Complete the fields with an asterisk (*) within the online application form and click “send”.

REMINDER: Please use only one e-mail address when accessing the THTC website.



Once the on-line application form for membership is received and reviewed by THTC, an e-mail payment link will then be sent to the e-mail address you provided.



Upon receipt of the e-mailed payment link, please click on the link provided and follow/complete the appropriate fields in order to provide payment.

REMINDER: Your membership is not finalized. DO NOT submit a registration request; you will not be able to obtain the member rate.


When THTC receives your payment, in order to confirm and finalize your member status, a member account will be created.

  • Once created and confirmed, an automated e-mail via the THTC website is generated.
  • This automated e-mail goes to the address indicated within the on-line membership application form and contains your personal log in credentials (User Name and Password).


Once you have received your user credentials, you can log into THTC’s website, to personalize your account, as well as register and make payments at the lower rate. This will also enable you to register for Non Violent Crisis Intervention (CPI).

TIP: The automated password is case sensitive.  THTC would suggest that you copy and paste when accessing your profile for the first time.  Upon successful login, please change the password to something more memorable.


“I submitted a request but I have not received an email from THTC.” If you have submitted a request but the message never reached your inbox, please refer to these tips for some ways to fix the problem.





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